Divination Cards


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Divination cards

Surprisingly accurate and charmingly pocket sized, these divination cards are a great way to start the day by picking one card as an affirmation. Or enjoy them with your friends over a coffee.

It’s a simple as shuffling the deck, while focusing on your question.

Select a single psychic card for an answer, or choose three cards for a more in-depth yes/no to your question.

I have also created a few card spreads for you to use with your cards.
Please click onto link and then scroll down the bottom of the page. https://judie.co.nz/divination-cards/

I know you are going to have a whole lot of fun and insight with these little gems.

They also make a great gift for your intuitive friends.

Also receive FREE card lay outs.

If you dont have paypal and want to do direct banking.

Contact me at judie@judie.co.nz and I will send you my bank details.

In stock



An inspiring pack love and light, Divination Cards will offer you daily insight. I wanted to give these cards their deserved place in the world.

They started with my mother and there have been additions over my time with them, and with the help of my sister’s insights.

They carry generations of our family’s love, light, and healing for you to receive and use daily.

9 reviews for Divination Cards

  1. Ngapera Akapita

    I love my cards.most days when I remember too I draw one sometimes 3 cards daily and Ive done the spreads provided online. They are full of positive energy and they always make me smile which is a great start to the day.

  2. Donna Hone (verified owner)

    I use my cards everyday, they are very empowering and I get alot of inward strength from them.

  3. Sandra Rowe

    I love Judies cards because they are so real and very positive.Highly recommend them

  4. Dave

    Positive messages (and often great reminders) that always seem relevant to my current life situation.

  5. Kawarau Ngaia (verified owner)

    I bought two packs of Divination cards. One stays at home and the other I use for travelling. The cards are soo on point and they are always optimistic for me. Thank you Judie for sharing your mums legacy with the world. The cards words motivate, enlighten and empower my thoughts. I have a great positive outlook within myself and life….Thank you…these cards are very thought provoking and much appreciated.

  6. Kam Lloyd

    WOW, the Wealth Card came up last week.Then this week has been an AMAZING week not only wealth in the $ side, but in the growth of our Charity “All 4 Love” in Tauranga. We have been given a $250.00 dollar donation an also WON $5000.00 from Tauranga Crossing Local Legend award.Wowow, Thank you universe.I do have my own cards I bought from Judie, many years ago.

  7. Irene Bennitt (verified owner)

    Love my cards they are the best Judie

  8. Larissa (verified owner)

    Love these cards they are beautiful messages and they guide me through my days and help me to keep an eye out for any signs or messages throughout my day, they are a blessing to have, I recommend you to get them for yourself they are wonderful to have, I sprinkle blessings and positive vibes to all, thank you Judie Roberts 🥰

  9. Paulina (verified owner)

    I have used these cards for a long time and even with advancing with different card spreads recently, I feel it is evident how accurate these cards are. I am truly amazed.

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