• Divination Cards with Judie Roberts
    Divination cards
    Surprisingly accurate and charmingly pocket sized, these divination cards are a great way to start the day by picking one card as an affirmation. Or enjoy them with your friends over a coffee. It’s a simple as shuffling the deck, while focussing on your question. Select a single psychic card for an answer, or choose three cards for a more in-depth yes/no to your question. I have also created a few spreads for you to use below. I know you are going to have a whole lot of fun and insight with these little gems. They also make a great gift for your intuitive friends. Also receive FREE card lay outs.
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    Enchantment Charm boxes.

    Make your dreams come true

    These Enchantment boxes are all wonderfully presented, and ready to attract positivity into your life. Immerse yourself and discover your wonder, with connecting to enchantment blessings that our spiritual ancestors used. Give affirmation to those who could benefit from encouragement to pursue their aspirations. The enchantment begins as soon as you open your magic box. Each magical box contains: 1x Enchantment scroll 1x Reiki and Seichem attuned crystal 1x New Moon candle 1x Charm Crystals and charms may varied from the photos. Enchantment instructions: In detail, write on the back of the scroll what you desire. For example, the description of the lover you desire. Light the New Moon candle and say your enchantment three times, whilst holding onto your charm and crystal. Burn the scroll, using the flame of the New Moon candle. Collect the ashes, and bury them with the charm, under some tree roots. Keep your crystal close to you, in a place where you’ll see or touch it constantly. This helps to connect you to energies created with the enchantment. You can use the enchantments whenever you wish to, morning or night. Helpful tips: I find that the "Come to me lover" and "Fertility" enchantments seem to connect at a higher vibration when used in the presence of the new moon. Whereas, a full moon is best for "Healing" and "House blessings". Gaelic blessing.

    Go bhfanfaidh na hAingeal a sciatháin ag do dhoras tosaigh - May the Angels rest their wings at your front door.

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    Enchantment Scrolls'- Bring the enchantment back into your life. Inside these charming magical boxes, you will find your enchantment scroll that will bring its magic, with a crystal, charm and a new moon candle. Now choose any three enchantments.
  • Online Meditation with Judie Roberts
    Group meditation online using Zoom.us Its FREE to download https://zoom.us/download This allows a personal and private meditation, no one can see you. Online Meditation allows you to have a private and peaceful meditation in your own environment. With zoom, you can keep your camera off and be completely private or, you can connect with the rest of the group and build a friendship with your meditation pals. Psychic insights and to end the perfect night of healing energy. I look forward to guiding you. Please note that each week a new meeting link is created.    
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